VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation by Aurora Instruments Ltd

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VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation

Aurora Instruments Ltd

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The VERSA™ Series of automated liquid handling system has been designed to satisfy the increased demand, technical requirements and budgets for liquid handling systems in today’s modern laboratories.

Automation is revolutionizing the way scientists do research- maximizing accuracy, precision and throughput while minimizing time and consumable costs. However, the prevalent thought that automated systems are expensive, complicated, and space-consuming leave many scientists unwilling or unable to maximize the potential of their work.

The VERSA automated liquid handling system employs two types of robotic arm function: liquid handling and plate transport. With these two types of arms and various liquid handling modules, the VERSA liquid handling series specifications can be customized to match the users liquid handling needs.

The Versa liquid handling modules allow for a wide range of volumes extending into nanolitre volumes. The reliable and reproducible nanopipettor is highly useful for low volume aspiration and dispension operations. The ReagentDrop module presents high-speed dispense functions from on-line reagent bottles.

Furthermore, the Versa liquid handling series offers specialized accessories. Aurora offers specialized combination heads bulk dispensing from a single liquid handling module. The large volume range allows for the notion of parallel dilution whereby a dilution scheme is created directly using nanolitre capabilities. Parallel dilution is more accurate than the traditional serial dilution method.

The robust and user friendly VERSAware combines pipetting protocols and parameters with the
scheduled operation of multiple devices to ensure superior control over all liquid handling processes.

The VERSA Mini PCR Carousel Setup is a small, automated liquid handling workstation designed to perform virtually every task for setting up PCR reactions, and more!

Whether processing a small batch or up to a thousand PCR reactions a day, this automated liquid handling system can automate the procedure with high precision, throughput and accuracy. This automated liquid handling workstation can conserve expensive reagents, completely eliminate concerns associated with volumetric variations caused by handling errors, as well as remove all repetitive pipetting protocols.

The VERSA Mini PCR Carousel is extremely easy to use and is configured to automatically prepare PCR master mixes, add DNA/RNA templates and load samples into reaction plates/capillary tube carousels. While the system and software have been designed for liquid handling applications revolving around PCR reaction setups, the unit is capable of performing generic liquid handling tasks; such as: serial dilution, cherry picking, plate reformatting, plate replication and array printing.

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VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation by Aurora Instruments Ltd product image

VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation

Manufacturer Aurora Instruments Ltd

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