Verderflex Scientific Peristaltic Tube Pump for Bench-top Applications by Verderflex

Manufacturer Verderflex

Verderflex Scientific Peristaltic Tube Pump for Bench-top Applications by Verderflex product image
Verderflex Scientific Peristaltic Tube Pump for Bench-top Applications

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The Verderflex Scientific Bench-top tube pumps are highly accurate, repeatable low flow pumps, ideally suited for pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.
  • Rates from just a few ml/min up to 3.2 l/min or 0.86 US GPM
  • Zero contamination – the fluid is hygienically contained within the pump tubing
  • Gentle self priming pumping action, ideal for pumping shear sensitive cultures and broths
  • Simple and quick tube change over
  • Stackable heads with simple lock feature
  • High repeatability – accuracy typically is ± 2% but can be as good as ± 0.5%, with no product slip
  • Manual, analogue and digital control options
  • Brushless D.C. motor for 24 hour low noise use
  • Washdown IP66 enclosure option available for the harshest of environments
  • Heavy duty versions with robust pump heads available
  • Wide selection of tube options available
  • Sterilization is usually by gamma irradiation, autoclaving or ethylene oxide.

The Verderflex Scientific bench-top tube pump has a robust outer casing with simple to use control options in a programmable tube pump version that is ideal for low flow dispensing.

The programmable pump can dose single or repeat volumes, with a user defined time interval between jobs. Total pumping accuracy can be achieved using the calibration mode with a run back option to prevent spillages of hazardous liquids. 

The gentle pumping action is ideal for dosing chemicals and shear sensitive liquids. Additionally, as the tube is the only part to ever come in contact with the pumped fluid providing total containment then this pump is the aseptic choice for laboratory conditions, maintaining both sterility and isolation between the pumped liquid and the outside world.

A large selection of chemically resistant tubing is available, much of which can be sterilized by techniques including gamma irradiation, superheated steam and chemical solutions to provide on-site assurance of sterility whilst gaining the benefits of food grade and Platinum cured materials. Should production needs change then tubes can be easily changed using the innovative pump head design, which also allows heads to be stacked for multiple dosing from a common drive.