VDM-E/Z Video Direct Microscope

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RAM Optical Instrumentation

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Fatigue-free 3D visual inspection of small parts and assemblies


Squinting into a microscope eyepiece all day long for parts inspection can be very uncomfortable. That's why we developed the VDM system.


Stable metal stand with small footprint
150W illuminator
Real-time color imaging on a 15" LCD monitor

The VDM-E/Z™ is available with two interchangeable optics options:

Patented Extended Depth of Field (EDF) Objective with on-axis lighting
Zoom Objective with fiber optic ringlight and add-on lenses

The system is complete with fiber optic lighting and is available with a number of options to enhance its versatility. When inspecting small parts from any angle, VDM is the effortless clear choice.