VARIO Cond conductivity meter

Manufacturer Xylem

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New in the VARIO family of WTW:

The VARIO Cond has a lot to offer – at an excellent price. This economically designed meter is ideal for use in process control monitoring or anywhere a small, accurate meter is needed. The VARIO is small, light, handy, waterproof and has a robust firmgrip rubber armoring.

Miniature precision, the VARIO Cond Sets:

The VARIO Cond KIT with 4 electrodes conductivity cell: The globally renown measuring cell TetraCon® 325 was specially shortened and modified for the VARIO Cond. Therefore very precise measurement in the range from 10 S to 200 mS can be done.

The VARIO Cond KIT with ultrapure water cell and flow-through vessel:

A 2 electrodes stainless steel cell for ultrapure water with plug head and flow-through vessel and a cell constant of 0.1 enables measurements down to 0.1 S.

Increased precision through the omission of cable connectors – the VARIO Cond is suitable for all measuring tasks for drinking water, process technology, semiconductor technology or pharmaceutical industry.

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VARIO Cond conductivity meter

Manufacturer Xylem

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