VARIO Chemistry Pumping Unit

Vacuum at the push of a button for the laboratory

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Vacuum at the push of a button for the laboratory

VACUUBRAND vacuum pumping units cover the entire range of rough and fine vacuum, and all the way into the high vacuum range. We select the vacuum pumps at the heart of our pumping units do deliver the flow rate needed throughout the operating vacuum range, and that provide the best protection for the likely exposure to corrosive vapors and condensates.

Our pumping units offer a full range of control options. The most advanced is VARIO® control for chemistry diaphragm pumps, in which vacuum is precisely controlled by continuosly adapting the pumping speed to the system demands. VARIO® chemistry pumping units from VACUUBRAND make it possible to automatically find the vapor pressure and adapt the vacuum to the process without keying in any parameters.

VARIO® control instantaneously and precisely adjusts the volume flow rate to the changing process conditions, resulting in high evaporation rates and shorter process times. This unique control approaches boiling points gently to prevent overpumping and foaming, for sample protection and optimum solvent recovery. In comparison with pumps operating at a fixed speed, VARIO® vacuum control significantly reduces total pumping time, conserving energy and boosting wear-part lifetimes.