VariMax™ X-ray optics by Rigaku Corporation

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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VariMax™ X-ray optics

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VariMax, the latest generation of Confocal Max-Flux ® (CMF) optics, is a landmark of innovative design and functionality. This is evident by superior performance in delivering a high quality X-ray beam, and its alignment housing that provides improvements in data collection flexibility, radiation safety, and alignment stability. VariMax HF (high flux) Provides the highest flux with any generator The most advanced optic for screening Able to separate diffraction patterns from moderate-sized unit cells VariMax HR (high resolution) Allows you to separate extremely large unit cells that were once immeasurable in the home lab Offers a beam with lower divergence and therefore higher density at the detector Improved signal to background provides higher quality data for some samples, compared to VariMax HF, even though the latter provides higher flux on the sample Available versions VariMax Cu Highest usable flux: up to 4-fold greater than with Blue optics User adjustable divergence to allow separation of spots from long unit cell axes Optimized for microfocus sources and small crystals VariMax Mo Highest usable flux for small molecule experiments: up to 20 times more flux than a graphite monochromator for small crystals Optimized for molybdenum wavelength X-rays Ideal for small crystals (<100 μ) User adjustable divergence VariMax Cr Highest usable flux: up to 8 times the flux of original Cr optic, making more SAD experiments possible in the home lab Optimized for chromium wavelength X-rays User adjustable divergence