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The availability of cell based in vitro systems allowing for mutational analysis of protein function are increasingly important in many fields of current medical and pharmaceutical research. Specifically, when you wish to better understand cellular processes associated with disease-causing mutations in protein kinase domains, growth receptors, oncogenes and other key regulatory proteins. Or when drug resistance caused by mutations in drug interacting proteins are of interest.

SIRION BIOTECH developed a next generation inducible expression system VariCHECKTM which allows for functional analysis of protein variants. VariCHECKTM is taking advantage of the lentiviral TET-inducible expression system, thus preventing for cell adaption phenotypes. VariCHECKTM enables TET-inducible knockdown of wild type gene of interest (GOIendo) with simultaneous TET-inducible overexpression of a mutant variant of the same gene (GOIecto).

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