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Vapour Generator Instrument
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Fitting neatly under a microscope, the VGI provides programmable, full scale (0 – 95%) relative humidity (RH) control of the environment around the sample, enabling optical, FTIR or Raman microscopy data to be collected from samples under easily and accurately reproducible conditions of humidity and temperature.  Surface Measurement Systems’ proven dynamic vapour generation process enhances the equilibration times to the scale of minutes rather than the weeks required by traditional saturated salt solution techniques, whilst windows above and below the sample area allow sample observation and imaging in situ

Not restricting the user to just water vapour, the ease of solvent change also enables observation of the effects of organic solvent vapours on the sample.  Through controlled desiccation, hydration and solvation, the effects of the environment on crystal form stability, protein unfolding, microbial growth, vapour induced reactions and coating effectiveness to name but a few can now be studied under accurately reproducible conditions.

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