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Vapodest 45

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VAPODEST 45 is a programmable distillation system with an external titrator, manufactured by Gerhardt, which is specifically designed for Nitrogen and Kjeldahl analysis. The 45 is capable of taking an external titrator so the sample can be distilled immediately after distillation. This decreases the transition time between sampling and is perfect for labs that handle a large variety of sample testing.

The system is equipped with a continuously monitored system that ensures that all tests are run accurately and efficiently, saving time and resources. The unit has the ability to be in stand-by mode which not only saves energy but also allows the system to be automatically restarted when needed and saving time and money. The instrument is also equipped with the capabilities to store up to 20 programs, which can be called up on demand.

The VAPODEST can be used for most analytical areas but is best utilized in protein determination, nitrogen determination and water steam distillation for the following samples grain, egg, milk, soil, water, pulp, phenol, alcohol, and preservatives.

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