ValveBank®8 controller by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

ValveBank®8 controller by AutoMate Scientific Inc. product image
ValveBank®8 controller
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12VDC solenoid valve controller for real-time or pre-programmed liquid switching in perfusion, physiology, biophysics, electrochemistry, or general liquid-handling research applications

Increase reproducibility with 10 millisecond accuracy

Stand-alone design - no computer necessary

Run experiments automatically - even unattended

Microprocessor-based for accuracy and flexibility
Because they lack a microprocessor, competing valve controllers do not offer a serial port, or simultaneous manual and computer valve control.

Manual, TTL (digital input) and RS-232 inputs

*10 millisecond (0.01 sec) switching accuracy
*16 user programs of 256 commands per channel - up to 99 hours long
*Non-volatile battery memory program storage
*Menu-driven interface
*Detached 16-key membrane keypad and 4 line, backlit LCD screen
*Eight programmable digital inputs and outputs
*Dual RS-232 serial port
*Many manual perfusion features built-in

Valve Driving:
*Control 8x 12V DC solenoid valves
*User selected normally open or closed
*Valves are opened or closed rapidly using full power, then held-in
at 1/2 power to prevent thermal transfer to your solutions
*Low noise circuitry for electrophysiology

*Power supply and manual
*One year limited warranty covering both parts and labor