VacuCap® and VacuCap PF Vacuum Filtration Devices

Manufacturer Pall Life Sciences Laboratory Products  |  Available Worldwide
VacuCap® Bottle-top filters process more per unit and reduce plastics waste.

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Innovative bottle-top filters for fast vacuum filtration of 100 mL to 5 litres of aqueous solutions. 



  • Filter faster. Supor® membrane provides high flow rates
  • No need to constantly refill upper fluid reservoir - draws directly from the mixing reservoir
  • Eliminates the possibility of contamination from transfer steps - filters directly into the desired container
  • Match filter to sample volume by choosing from two
  • Available built-in prefilter increases throughput of particulate-laden solutions such as serum-containing media
  • Environmentally friendly with minimal plastic waste
  • Patented small design accepts a variety of collection vessels and reduces storage space and waste
  • TA version available with tubing attached to each device for maximum convenience
  • Sterilization by gamma irradiation eliminates potential contamination by EtO residuals