V10 and V20 Semi-Dry Blotters

Manufacturer Scie-Plas Ltd

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V10-SDB 10 x 10cm and V20-SDB 20 x 20cm semi-dry blotters are ideal for fast transfer of proteins and nucleic acids without the need for costly accessories such as gel cassettes and tanks.

Corrosion-free platinum-coated titanium and stainless steel plate electrodes, corresponding to the anode and cathode, maximise the active area of transfer so that full electrical contact is made between the gel and the membrane, allowing transfer to be completed within an hour with the minimum of heat dissipation, buffer consumption and mess in the laboratory, normally associated with wet blotting techniques.

V10 and V20 Semi-Dry Blotters Features:

  • 2 Sizes available – V10-SDB 10 x 10cm format, which accommodates one 10 x 10cm mini-gel & the V20-SDB 20 x 20cm format, which accommodates four 10 x 10cm mini-gels or one 20 x 20cm maxi-gel.
  • Gels can be stacked for higher throughput blotting.
  • Rapid transfer assured within 1 hour for lower molecular weight proteins and nucleic acids; larger molecules transferred in 2 hours.
  • Semi-dry format minimises buffer consumption, with no need for mess and additional accessories.
  • Colour-coded, corrosion-free plate electrodes – platinum-coated titanium anode and stainless steel cathode maximise the transfer area, so that full electrical contact is made between the gel and the membrane, while corrosion-resistant metal prolongs lifespan and durability.