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UVISEL Ellipsometer
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High Precision R&D Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

The UVISEL ellipsometer range offers the best combination of modularity and performance for advanced thin film, surface and interface characterization.
Based on phase modulation technology, the UVISEL ellipsometer provides a powerful optical design to continuously cover the spectral range from 142 to 2100 nm. High quality data are delivered across the whole spectral range in terms of high accuracy, high resolution measurements and excellent signal to noise ratio.

The UVISEL spectroscopic ellipsometer incorporates phase modulation technology to characterize polarization changes at high frequency (50 kHz), and without any mechanical movement. It results in:

High accuracy measurements for all values of (Ψ,Δ)
Excellent signal/noise ratio from the VUV to NIR
Very fast data acquisition speed at up to 50 ms/point ideal for kinetic studies and in-situ real-time measurements
The UVISEL phase modulated ellipsometer achieves higher sensitivity and accuracy for characterizing thin films when compared to conventional ellipsometers using rotating elements. It enables the detection of very thin films or interfaces that no other ellipsometers can see as well as the characterization of thick layers up to 30µm. The measurement and characterization of transparent samples with backside reflections are simple and accurate and doesn't require the scratch of the backside