UVIchemi Dedicated Chemiluminescence Documentation System

Manufacturer UVItec

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  • High quality, chemiluminescence imaging system for ultra-high sensitivity imaging of chemiluminescence labelled samples such as Western blots.
  • System includes ultra-high sensitivity and low noise, efficiently cooled CCD camera.
  • Sample tray may be moved up or down in the sample compartment.
  • The camera is cooled directly (on-chip) by two-stage, forced air Peltier device. 
  • A high quality fixed focal length lens gives razor sharp focussing at a range of iris (aperture) settings.
  • A set of four LEDs provide gentle, uniform overhead illumination of the sample to facilitate sample positioning, focussing, etc.
  • “LIVE” image display on acquisition software screen features continuous video mode with high update frequency, to facilitate easy sample positioning, zooming and focussing. 
  • Acquisition” mode allows integration times of up to 120 minutes to be set manually by entering values for minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds.
  • “Binning” mode produces an image that has greater intensity (and higher sensitivity) but lower resolution than the normal, full resolution image.
  • Automatic Exposure mode allows automatic capture of a full resolution image in which the brightest region reaches a user determined grey scale intensity.
  • Semi-automatic Exposure is the same as automatic exposure, except that the calculated exposure time is displayed on screen for user approval before the full resolution exposure is performed.
  • Test Signal mode allows periodic “sampling” of the signal to ensure that it is sufficiently high to enable good data to be obtained.
  • Video Mode allows the acquisition of a series of images at user-defined integration times and with user-defined intervals between the acquisitions.
  • On-screen display of acquired images is fully adjustable, allowing easy enhancement of images to show very faint bands very clearly.