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The UVette fulfils the highest specifications of modern spectrophotometric analysis in the UV range and can be optimally used for sensitive samples and small volumes.
Individually packaged, UVettes are DNA, RNase and protein-free, and are protected from scratches and dust: These are ideal prerequisites for reliable results and safe transport in the lab.

Safe and transparent!

The plastic material of the UVette provides a transparency range of 220-1,600 nm. It is possible to carry out measurements in the UV range as well as the entire VIS range. Pipetting can be monitored clearly through the crystal-clear plastic and is always completely bubble-free, even for the minute 50 µl sample volume. The design of the cuvette has a funnel-shaped base, which prevents the capillary effect, and ensures that the liquids constantly remain in the center of the measuring area.

A perfect design!

Two optical path lengths with a single rotation! Samples with a normal concentration can be measured using the 10 mm optical path length. For samples with a higher concentration, simply rotate the UVette by 90° and use the shorter 2 mm optical path length. The use of quartz glass cuvettes can frequently compromise measuring results due to contamination or mechanical damage in the repeated rinsing process. The careful design of the UVette with its inwardly facing optical windows provides vastly superior protection against scratches when inserted into the photometer.


The new UVette is ideal for use with the Eppendorf BioPhotometer. In other photometers or spectrometers the Uvette is inserted with the aid of an adapter. This adapter aligns the UVette to the corresponding height of the optical light path and also serves as an aperture for optimal light guidance and use of the small measuring volume.


Our vast experience in the manufacturing of optical precision parts is evident in every detail. The UVette is subject to our rigorous quality control and test procedures, which safeguard the high-quality standards for which Eppendorf is renowned throughout the world.