UV Microtiter Microplates by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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UV Microtiter Microplates
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Thermo UV microplates are designed specially for your applications adapted for the UV wavelength area. The performance is optimal down to at least 220 nm with fairly low absorbance background. Thus nucleic acid and protein determinations using this microplate made of UV light transmitting material are enabled at 260/280 nm. The microplate is also compatible with any standard microplate reading or liquid handling device.

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(Ordering Quantity: 40 pcs/box)

Flat bottom microplates for absorbance measurements at the UV wavelengths
Thermo offers a higher throughput alternative for expensive quartz cuvettes in a 96 well format for measurements at UV wavelengths. The UV plate has low background and offers great performance at the wavelengths most important for nucleic acid and protein determinations, 260 and 280 nm. The microplate is also robotic friendly having standardized microplate footprint and thus being perfect for use with Multiskan Spectrum or any standard UV/Vis reader.

Great performance for your DNA and protein applications
The application areas of the 96 well UV Microtiter plate include protein and nucleic acid concentration as well as DNA purity determinatinos.

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