Thermo Scientific™ UTAC-ULP2 Ultra Trace Anion Concentrator Column 2, Ultra-Low Pressure

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The Thermo Scientific IonPac® UTAC-ULP2 Ultra Trace Anion Concentrator Column is an anion-exchange concentrator column with low void volume of approximately 145 μL.

The UTAC-ULP2 is a general purpose concentrator for use with syringe or autosampler loading. This ultralow backpressure concentrator can be used with the AS-DV, AS-HV, or AS Autosamplers, and with single piston sample delivery pumps including the AXP. It is compatible with carbonate/bicarbonate, borate, and hydroxide eluents. Backpressure resilience has been improved to eliminate the need for a pulse dampener on the loading pump, and matrix resilience has been improved to allow direct injection of samples containing polyacrylic acid additives.

  • Ultra-Low backpressure column
  • Compatible with the AS, AS-HV and AS-DV Autosamplers, and Loading Pumps
  • Ultraclean (low sulfate) concentrator column
  • Supports carbonate/bicarbonate, borate, and hydroxide eluents

Column Details:

  • Length: 23mm
  • ID: 5.0 mm