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UNITY 2 is an analytical thermal desorption instrument that combines with any GC(MS) for the detection of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) in air, materials or liquids. It uses single sorbent tubes and can be upgraded to automate the analysis of multiple tubes, canisters or direct air streams.

UNITY 2 is useful for chemists who work with VOCs and SVOCs in either fixed or mobile laboratories. It is suitable for routine analysis as well as highly varied contract work, and can be applied to all aspects from research to quality control. Applications include workplace air monitoring, product emissions testing, chemical agent screening and flavour/fragrance profiling.UNITY 2 ensures peace of mind to the user by offering sample re-collection, which, as well as overcoming the ‘one-shot’ limitation of older TD systems, allows it to comply with international standard methods. Operating costs are lowered (and instrument uptime is maximized) by the use of electrical cooling, which eliminates the need for liquid cryogen. At the same time, UNITY 2 maximizes productivity by simultaneously detecting VOCs and SVOCs (including thermally labile species) across the widest possible range of concentrations.