Unique FOCUS Option for ESI-TOF by Bruker Life Sciences

Unique FOCUS Option for ESI-TOF by Bruker Life Sciences product image
Unique FOCUS Option for ESI-TOF

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Bruker Daltonics has introduced a new Focus option for ESI-TOF.   With Focus, the company's MicroTOF™ significantly outperforms all other benchtop ESI-TOF mass spectrometry systems.   The novel technology increases the resolution of ESI-TOF systems significantly.  The company's new benchtop ESI-TOF mass spectrometer was introduced in 2003.   It has quickly become the preferred high-performance choice for customers performing demanding research in drug development, metabonomics, discovery of peptide biomarkers, combichem analysis, etc. with robust, compact bench-top ESI-TOF systems. The MicroTOF achieves 10K resolution and robust 3 ppm mass accuracy without resorting to so-called W-reflection, during which more than 70% of the ions to be measured are lost, compared to normal V-reflection.   Such an ion signal loss to gain resolution is unacceptable for most customers and applications.   The new FOCUS technology, available as a cost-effective $20,000 factory option for new systems purchases, enables superior resolution of 15K across essentially the entire mass spectrum.  With the Focus option, the MicroTOF is the unrivalled performance leader in the bench-top ESI-TOF market, outperforming most floor-standing Q-q-TOF type instruments in terms of resolution.