UniCel® DxH™ Slidemaker Stainer Coulter® Cellular Analysis System

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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UniCel® DxH™ Slidemaker Stainer Coulter® Cellular Analysis System - Bringing more workflow efficiency to the hematology laboratory.

With the new UniCel DxH Slidemaker Stainer Coulter Cellular Analysis System, slidemaking has never been easier. Using proprietary technology, the DxH SMS is redefining the word automation. The DxH SMS provides greater workflow efficiency, first-pass, high-quality slides and technology to maximize reliability of the system. The LEAN design principles incorporated into the DxH SMS benefit your laboratory by lowering costs, increasing productivity and quality, and delivering services in a timely manner.

UniCel® DxH™ Slidemaker Stainer Coulter® Cellular Analysis System Features:

Designed for Reliability

  • The DxH SMS utilizes the most advanced slidemaking technology available today. It was designed with the hematology technologist in mind...with MORE reliability, MORE dependability and MORE ruggedness for maximum uptime.
  • With no pinch valves, 80% less tubing than the legacy systems and interchangeable parts with the DxH 800, the DxH SMS is easy to maintain with minimal operator intervention.
  • Incorporates the same reliable and proven specimen transport and sample aspiration technologies designed into the DxH 800 Coulter Cellular Analysis System.
  • Print customizable patient identification information directly onto the slide using the thermal transfer technology.
  • Snapshot Screen provides a quick overview of the operating status, information about stains, supplies, samples or consumables at a glance.
  • Our technical personnel can minimize any downtime of the DxH SMS by effectively diagnosing the system using our PROService Remote Management system.

Lean Efficiency

  • Using LEAN principles of design, the DxH SMS brings a whole new dimension to the world of slidemaking/staining. Innovative features that streamline your slidemaking process include:
    Easily make and stain smears from:
  • Capped whole blood sample tubes (via automatic cassette or single-tube mode), Open-top tubes (single-tube mode) and Pediatric whole blood sample tubes (via automatic cassette or single-tube mode).

Validated for multiple vendor tube types

  • You have the option to: Make slides, Make and stain slides, Stain manually-made smears. Staining protocols can easily be adjusted according to your laboratory's staining preferences
  • Small sample volume of 90 μL makes up to four slides; up to twelve slides from a single presentation.
  • “Load ’n’ go” feature allows you to load up to 180 slides in the easily accessible compartment.
  • Staining baths require minimal user intervention with the AutoDrain and AutoFill features.

Innovative Software and State-of-the-Art Technology

  • The DxH SMS software was built with the technologist in mind. Innovative features such as an intuitive interface, thermal printing technology and 2D barcode scanning increases productivity.
  • Shares the UniCel user interface so your laboratory personnel require less training
  • Intelligent Basket Management Software tracks workload and identifies slide locations in real time, allowing you to plan for urgent slide reviews
  • 2D barcode scanning technology virtually eliminates any type of sample barcode label misreads
  • Thermal printing technology prints barcodes and other information directly onto slides, which allows easy sample tracking and reduces misidentification

Excellent Smear Quality Every Time

  • The DxH SMS uses the proprietary Hemasphere technology to capture the relevant measure of blood adherence to aspiration tubin, thus providing a more reliable and consistent smear regardless of the blood consistency
  • Customized Motion Profile accommodates your laboratory’s preferences in smear length or shape
  • Based on user-selected criteria, the edge of a new slide is used to make the smear
  • The Sample Aspiration Module and sample delivery system virtually eliminate any type of slide-to-slide or sample-to-sample carryover

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UniCel® DxH™ Slidemaker Stainer Coulter® Cellular Analysis System

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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