UniCel® DxH™ 800 Coulter® Cellular Analysis System

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Immunology

"This machine has state-of-the-art automation features and flexibility. It is user-friendly and provides reliable performance."

Review date: 22 Oct 2015 | UniCel® DxH™ 800 Coulter® Cellular Analysis System
UniCel® DxH™ 800 Coulter® Cellular Analysis System - The first step in the transformation journey.

Today’s hematology laboratories are challenged by ever-increasing pressure to improve productivity, decrease turnaround time and reduce overall costs. The UniCel DxH platform is designed to meet theses challenges head-on and transform your laboratory, with unparalleled quality of results, innovative efficiency solutions and revolutionary scalability. Heralding a new era of hematology solutions, the UniCel DxH 800 delivers the ultimate in high-definition cellular analysis. This is just the beginning of the transformation journey. Partner with us to see what the future holds.

UniCel® DxH™ 800 Coulter® Cellular Analysis System Features:

Designed for Reliability

  • Single aspiration pathway simplifies calibration and quality control process while eliminating mode-to-mode issues
  • Sample Aspiration Module (SAM), with its unique design, reduces aspiration volume, especially benefiting pediatric samples
  • 2D-Digital Bar Code Technology maximizes reading capability, preventing errors and reducing misreads
  • Remote Management System (RMS) increases versatility by proactively performing diagnostics with real-time troubleshooting, leading to increased instrument uptime
  • Specimen Transport Module (STM) uses a unique magnetic system for continuous loading of up to 20 cassettes, allowing “load 'n' go” capability

Revolutionary scalability

  • Intelligent workload distribution optimizes workflow by achieving rapid turnaround times, providing STAT and ER results quickly.
  • Provides automation in a small footprint
  • On-board tracking, for optimal reagen management
  • With its future upgradability the UniCel DxH 800 can be converted to a full laboratory workcell, providing tomorrow's platform today

Innovative LEAN efficiency tools

  • Extended decision rules promote consistent quality laboratory practices while reducing post-analytical errors and review rates
  • Customizable repeat/reflex testing maximizes efficiency by automatically tracking samples, reducing the training needs of your generalist
  • Intelligent Quality Monitoring (IQM) promotes confidence in results by allowing real-time monitoring and avoiding process variances

Exceptional quality of results

  • High Definition Cellular Analysis on the UniCel DxH 800 provides four times greater resolution and achieves new levels of performance
  • Flow Cytometric Digital Morphology (FCDM) optimizes performance by providing 10 times more data per sample than existing technologies, allowing reduced review rates
  • With its multi-angle scatter technology, onboard reagents and new advanced algorithms, the UniCel DxH 800 provides an unrivaled NRBC, with no need for special or expensive stains
  • Using its data fusion capability, the system will correct for most of the common interferences in today’s laboratory, ensuring first-pass accuracy and efficiency

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The UniCel DxH 800 is a complete testing solution that improves patient care and lab productivity, while eliminating unnecessary work. Plus, it’s backed by the award winning, world-class service and support of Beckman Coulter.

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UniCel® DxH™ 800 Coulter® Cellular Analysis System

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews