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Bruker Daltonics Introduces Next-Generation ultrOTOF-Q ESI-Q-q-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Proteomics and Metabolomics.

ultrOTOF-Q Offers 100-fold Sensitivity Improvement and Unique Greater Than 40k Resolution

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2004-- Bruker Daltonics, an operating company of Bruker BioSciences Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR), today announces ultrOTOF-Q(TM) , its next-generation ESI-Q-q-TOF mass spectrometer, at the 52nd ASMS conference.

The novel ultrOTOF-Q is a uniquely designed orthogonal time-of-flight (OTOF) mass spectrometer offering two orders of magnitude improvement in sensitivity. The new system also features significantly improved MS/MS sensitivity and sequence coverage for proteomics experiments. A linear ion trap collision cell greatly enhances its duty cycle, i.e. the percentage of ions that can actually measured by the OTOF detector.

Moreover, the unique, patented co-linear TOF design of the ultrOTOF-Q enables superior mass resolution of greater than 20k in normal mode, and resolution of greater than 40k in MultiPass(TM) mode, greatly outperforming all other OTOF systems on the market.

The ultrOTOF-Q system also incorporates the Company's novel Focus(TM) technology (patent applied for) for increasing the resolution of ESI-TOF systems over a very broad mass range, including the low m/z peaks associated with small molecule MS and MS/MS spectra. This unique Focus technology is particularly useful for obtaining structural information and accurate mass information on natural products and metabolites.

The ultrOTOF-Q is designed as a very powerful, ultra high-end research floor-standing ESI-Q-q-TOF that is nevertheless robust and easy to integrate into many life-science laboratories. The ultrOTOF-Q operates under our integrated Compass(TM) software environment for easy operation in multi-instrument laboratories, and with the most comprehensive bioinformatics analysis software suite in the industry. It can be applied to expression proteomics, biomarker discovery or small molecule analysis in metabolomics or natural products research with superior performance.

The ultrOTOF-Q system can be an integral module of our Proteineer(TM) solution for high-success expression proteomics. For pharmaceutical customers, the ultrOTOF-Q system offers software tools to support customers in achieving 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Bruker Daltonics provides optional IQ, OQ and PV services to FDA-regulated customers.

Frank Laukien, Ph.D., President & CEO, stated: "We have gained a significant foothold in the Q-q-TOF market in recent years. We believe that the spectacular performance of our new ultrOTOF-Q system will greatly increase our market share in this segment, as sensitivity, resolution and mass accuracy are amongst the most important requirements for many life-science researchers. Moreover, our easy-to-use, methods-oriented Compass integrated software environment will further enhance the productivity and applicability of this new system for many applications."