UltraXRM-L200 by Xradia

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UltraXRM-L200 - Synchrotron-like 3D Imaging in a Laboratory System.

The UltraXRM-L200 is the only lab based ultra-high resolution CT scanner for 3D visualization of microscopic sample volumes. Xradia's precision X-ray focusing optics deliver a resolution as fine as 50 nm, seamlessly extending the capabilities of X-ray CT beyond those of conventional scanners. Integrated Zernike phase contrast imaging enhances the visibility of all edges and interfaces when absorption contrast is low. The UltraXRM-L200 delivers reliable 3D volumetric information otherwise only accessible by cross-sectioning or other destructive methods.

UltraXRM-L200 Applications:

  • Life Science Studies
  • Semiconductor Package FA
  • Advanced Material Analysis
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Feasibility Models

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