UltraSPX-S200/220 by Xradia

Manufacturer Xradia

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UltraSPX-200/220 - Ultra-high Resolution Analytical Scanning-Probe X-ray Microscope for Synchrotron Facilities.

The UltraSPX-S series takes advantage of the coherent X-ray beams available at modern synchrotron light sources to bring established X-ray analytical techniques, such as X-ray fluorescence, spectroscopy, and diffraction down to the nanometer scale. Xradia's high-performance proprietary X-ray optics employed in the UltraSPX-S series produce a focused X-ray beam down to 30 nm in size. This X-ray probe is raster scanned across the sample to produce highest-resolution maps with elemental, chemical, or crystallographic phase information depending on the photon energy and detection modality. Cryogenic sample handling is now available to reduce the effects of radiation damage to organic specimens.

UltraSPX-S200/220 Applications:

  • Life Science Research
  • Semiconductor Characterization
  • Advanced Material Analysis
  • Geological and Environmental Sciences