DEACTIVATED Ultrasonic Microplate Horn

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The Misonix Microplate Horn is designed to provide sonication to all the wells in a single Microplate, which will accelerate the rate of processing for high throughput screening. The horn not only decreases processing time, but also prevents loss of material when compared to using a single probe. Cross contamination is eliminated since there is no direct probe intrusion into the sample. Sonication is performed uniformly across the well plates. Reproducibility is also achieved with the XL-2020 programmable sonicator®. This model features a 10 level programmable memory with a microprocessor based integrated digital and pulsar cycle timer. Additional features include a 600 watt output with a 20 kHz convertor, variable amplitude control, LCD screen with user prompts, elapsed time displays, and automatic overload protection.

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DEACTIVATED Ultrasonic Microplate Horn

Manufacturer Labcaire Systems Ltd

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