UltraShield Plus Magnets by Bruker

Manufacturer Bruker
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UltraShield Plus Magnets
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Delivering Ultimate Shielding Performance
The Bruker BioSpin UltraShield Plus magnets represent the latest and most advanced self-shielding NMR magnet technology ever developed. These magnets are the ultimate advancement in high performance, actively-shielded NMR solutions. This next generation technology offers unprecedented shielding performance whilst ensuring no compromise in system homogeneity, stability or cryogenic specifications.

Enhanced Performance
  • Minimizes stray fields to reduce the 5G enclosed volume by 10 times compared to standard UltraShield magnets, and by 100 times compared to non-shielded magnets.
  • Requires the lowest ceiling height for installation and operation.
  • Further enhances screening of external magnet field disturbances.