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Ultramark Microplate Systems

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Bio-Rad's Ultramark microplate reader is unlike any other. It's the only reader that allows you to read any plate format, from a single well to 1,536 wells. It's the only one that provides verifiable results up to 4.0 OD. And it's the world's only microplate reader that also serves as an imager. The Ultramark truly is a remarkable performer!

The Most Flexible, Adaptable Microplate Reader Ever

In today's rapidly changing world of life science research, you need the right equipment for your field of study. Utilizing the most advanced technology, the Ultramark microplate imaging system is a versatile, adaptable tool that enables you to perform far more applications than any other microplate reader available. Ultramark is much more than a simple 96-well microplate reader.

Because the Ultramark reader can read any microplate format, you're able to produce single results for each well, or an image of the entire plate surface. Additionally, complete robotics capability means the Ultramark reader can be interfaced as a detector for high-throughput analysis with any type of robotic system.

Why the Ultramark Is the Ultimate Microplate Reader:

  • Reads a 1,536-well plate in 33 sec
  • Reads a 384-well plate in 12 sec
  • Reads a 96-well plate in 6 sec
  • Reads standard microplates with 1 to 1,536 wells
  • Verifiable performance up to 4.0 OD
  • Robotics-compatible
  • Ultramark: The Right Tool for All Microplate Analysis Applications Standard Colorimetric ELISA

    This is one of the most common uses for 96-well plates, and is increasingly being used in 384- and 1,536-well formats. The Ultramark reader has the unique ability to read any plate format up to 1,536 wells, to work with an optional feeder/stacker, and to function in a completely automated robotic environment.

    General Cell Screening

    This remains a vital part of drug discovery methodology; researchers routinely add drug candidates to cell colonies in 96-well plates and monitor cell viability in solution over a 24-hour period. The Ultramark is the only microplate reader that can achieve resolution of 500 µm, guaranteeing accurate results every time.

    Microplate Manager Software

    The flexibility of the Ultramark system can be utilized to full potential with this sophisticated software. Microplate Manager software makes both the standard microplate and imaging read modes of Ultramark exceptionally easy to use. The software expands your range of data analysis options to include kinetics, curve fit, and screening, and adds the functionality of flexible template creation for any microplate format up to 1,536 wells. You can perform one reading at the center of each well, or scan the entire plate surface to capture a high-resolution image.

    Simply define the template parameters, perform a read, and Microplate Manager software does the rest. Immediately following a read, you'll receive an array of values for either manual or automatic data analysis.

    Configure the Ultramark for High-Throughput Analysis with:

  • Ability to run 12 separate assays on the same plate
  • Automatic print option after measurement completion
  • Automated multiple plate processing and data exporting
  • Automated plate handling systems
  • Perform Sophisticated Curve Fit Analyses Using:

  • Choice of linear, quadratic, cubic, or logistic (4-parameter) fit types
  • Choice of linear or logarithmic curve fit graphical axis scaling
  • External standard curves for multiple plates
  • Curve fit graphic overlay for comparison
  • Execute Complex Kinetic Analyses with:

  • Choice of number of calculation points for Vmax
  • Simple velocity calculation
  • Negative or positive slope calculation
  • Absorbance limit selection
  • Kinetic correlation coefficient display and calculation for fit (r value)
  • Real-time data acquisition display and zoom-on-well capability
  • Product Overview

    Ultramark Microplate Systems by Bio-Rad product image

    Ultramark Microplate Systems

    Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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