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Ultraflex TOF/TOF

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The Bruker Daltonics ultraflex TOF/TOF™ provides rapid and clear structural informatio from minute sample amounts:  The system is designed for high-throughput peptide identification by MALDI-TOF peptide mass fingerprinting, all on a standard microtiter plate-format MALDI target.  This step can be immediately followed by more detailed protein characterization, using MALDI-TOF tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) on the same prepared sample.  The resulting data can be readiy searched through databases, allowing rapid identification of proteins and protein mixtures, and further interpreted using the biotools™ software suite.  The Bruker Daltonics patented LIFT™ and AnchorChip™ technologies provide the ultraflex TOF/TOF with superior structural analysis capability, enabling MALDI-TOF/TOF analysis with ultra-high sensitivity and excellent data quality within a few seconds.  No other MALDI  technology offers such superb MS/MS sensitivity and speed.

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