Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography™ by Restek Corp.

Manufacturer Restek Corp.

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Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography™
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Reversed Phase Method Development that's Simple, Fast, Effective, and Universal!

•Boasts the widest range of reversed phase selectivity in the industry.
•Simplifies column selection down to 4 unique stationary phases.
•Employs orthogonal selectivity to speed up effective method development.
•Maximizes efficacy of your column screening systems.
•Fits any HPLC or UHPLC instrumentation.

Restek Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography™ (USLC™) technology is the directed application of selectivity—the most influential factor affecting resolution—to optimize separations and improve method performance. Restek has extensively studied reversed phase selectivity, and as a result, we offer chromatographers the most effective and widest range of USLC™ stationary phase chemistries in the industry!

Pinnacle® DB columns (1.9 µm) feature base deactivated silica and are recommended for scalable UHPLC and HPLC analyses. Ultra columns (3 and 5 µm) use highest purity silica and are well suited for traditional HPLC analyses. Viva columns incorporate wide pore silica, making them ideal for large-molecule biological separations using HPLC.