Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Manufacturer The Baker Company

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Dometic ultra low freezers from The Baker Company provide composition-maintaining storage at low temperatures down to -86°C. A cascading system with two hermetically sealed compressors, the refrigeration system has been optimally designed for low power consumption, increased cooling capacity and reduced heat emission. Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) and the innovative ""Rollbond"" Evaporator technology help ensure uniform temperature distribution and minimal temperature variation throughout the entire refrigeration chamber. The UF Range offers two models with volumes of 16 cu ft (453L) and 26.6 cu ft (753L).

Product features:
•  Flexible operating range and temperature set points from -20ºC to -86ºC
•  Inner chamber temperature variation: +/- 3ºC at -82ºC (set point, preset)
•  Temperature and system alarms: can be programmed individually, adjustable in increments of .5ºC
•  VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) improved insulation characteristics at lower wall thickness
•  Monitoring and Visualization Software (DMN)
•  Gold Safety Standard - Guarantees risk-free operation