Ultra HPLC pump by Teledyne Isco

Manufacturer Teledyne Isco

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Ultra HPLC pump

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Sub-microliter flow rates at up to 20,000 psi

The Teledyne Isco 65D syringe pump provides precise, predictable flow and pressure control at flow rates from sub-microliter to 25 ml/minute. Exceptional low-flow stability at up to 20,000 psi makes this pump well suited for multi-dimensional capillary LC experiments using multiple small-bore packed capillary columns for high-throughput, high resolution proteome analysis, as well as Ultra-HPLC applications with 2-micron and smaller packings that typically generate backpressures in excess of 10,000 psi.

Compared to Isco’s proven and oft-cited 100DM pump, the new model uses a smaller-bore cylinder to provide twice the maximum pressure and 50% greater displacement resolution. The 65D pump also features an integral pressure transducer and uses special fittings to prevent leaks and ensure safety at maximum pressure.