Yarra Ultra-High Efficiency Aqueous GFC/SEC Columns by Phenomenex Inc

Manufacturer Phenomenex Inc
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Yarra Ultra-High Efficiency Aqueous GFC/SEC Columns
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Average Rating: 2.7
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Rating: 2.7

  • Application Area: Or lab used it for separation of colostrum whey

"We received this column just over a month ago. For the first 100 injections everything was very good. Separation was wonderful. Analysis of a sample took 15 minutes. I thought that I received the best column which you can buy. I used a cleaning solution of 0.1 M Monosodium phosphate pH 3.0 and 20% methanol. A week later I used the column again but separation was awful. I tried to clean it with 0.5 SDS and acetonitrile gradient, but result was the same. Then I connected a 2 year old BioSep-SEC and result was good. So problem was in Yarra column. Phenomenex provide 45 days of return or exchange for their columns. I contact domestic distributor and explain situation. But until now, nothing has changed. Annoyingly that column for more than 1,000 Euro died so quickly. "

Review date: 06 Nov 2014 | Yarra Ultra-High Efficiency Aqueous GFC/SEC Columns
Starting with 3 µm ultra-pure silica, Yarra particles are densely bonded with a proprietary surface chemistry. Coupled with tight particle and pore size distribution as well as strict packing and QC specifications, Yarra GFC columns allow for the highest efficiencies and resolution possible.

Yarra columns are offered in three phases (SEC-2000, 3000, and 4000), and are ideal for the separation of small to large proteins, as well as biological therapeutics and biosimilars.