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Ultimate HomeLab

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Our most powerful protein crystallography system, the Ultimate HomeLab is a complete home X-ray diffraction system that enables data collection on a wide range of protein crystal samples and dramatically reduces your need to utilize a synchrotron source.

As all of Rigaku’s protein crystallography systems, the HKL-3000R software suite provides instrument control, data processing, and structure solution capabilities.

The foundation of this system is the Rigaku FR-X, an ultrahigh intensity microfocus rotating anode generator, that was designed from the beginning to provide the highest power in a small beam. With its 70 micron anode focal spot, long uptimes and reduced maintenance requirements, the FR-X has taken rotating anode technology to the next level.

Coupled with a VariMax optic, this small focal spot leads to a intense, monochromatic beam on the sample which is the perfect complement to optimize signal-to-noise for the small crystals used in today's protein laboratories. The usable flux produced by the Ultimate HomeLab is over 40 times greater than that of a conventional generator and optic, enabling the collection of quality data on small crystals that diffract too weakly on standard home sources.

Ultimate HomeLab Features:

  • The most intense X-ray source available for an in-house X-ray system
  • Minimizes need for the use of synchrotron time
  • Phase at home using the optional dual wavelength anode
  • A true microfocus rotating anode generator (70 μm diameter circle) that provides high flux at the sample.
  • 2.97 kW power in a small beam provides greater flux density and less background for small samples.
  • Choice of area detectors (PILATUS or imaging plate) allows the user to configure the system to best meet the needs of their lab.
  • Optional sample changer (ACTOR)