ULTIMA 2 - Atomic Emission Spectrometer by HORIBA Scientific

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ULTIMA 2 - Atomic Emission Spectrometer

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Rating: 4.3

"this instrument is good for multielemental analysis. good software."

Review date: 12 Apr 2011 | ULTIMA 2 - Atomic Emission Spectrometer
The Horiba ULTIMA 2 with its innovative design provides a tool that increases lab productivity not only with fast analysis times, but with less complicated methods, shorter warm up time and better performance.
The power in the performance of the ULTIMA 2 is in its simplicity. No moving parts in the sample few reflective surfaces in the optics and the lowest detection limits in the industry, combined with the best spectral resolution, highest light throughput and a patented detection system for full spectrum acquisition from 120 to 800 nm.

Features of the Horiba ULTIMA 2:

• Single view radial provides lowest detection limits of any ICP OES spectrometer available today.
• Continuous wavelength coverage from 160 - 800nm standard with optional extension down to 120nm for Far UV analysis of the halogen elements or the use of alternate wavelengths.
• Unmatched spectral resolution of 5 pm at <320 nm minimizes interferences, with optional grating to further improve resolution for line rich matrices such as geological or precious metals.
• Fast, accurate analysis with Rapid Chip electronics and powerful AnalystT software.
• Patented HDD® detection provides analysis of sub-ppb to percent level in one analysis.
• Dynamic range of up to 10 orders of magnitude using Win-IMAGE. 
• Quick-release torch is fully demountable and needs no alignment.
• Unique sheath gas feature, allows continuous analysis of 30% dissolved solids.