Two new reference kits for Spectroquant® Picco and Multy colorimeters

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Two new reference kits are now available for the Spectroquant® Picco Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH and Spectroquant® Multy colorimeters from Merck. They allow a fast and reliable check of the reliability of the instruments, so that users can detect even the smallest deviations of these extremely reliable instruments.

The kits include sealed cuvettes containing colored test solutions and a blank, quality documentation and an instruction manual all packed in a handy carrying case. The reference standards have been validated as specified in the accompanying quality certificate.

The Spectroquant® Reference Standard for Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone can be used for both instruments. It contains three sealed cells with stable solutions plus one sealed blank cell.

The Spectroquant® Verification Standard for Spectroquant® Multy Colorimeter checks the Multy instrument. The test kit also contains six sealed cells with stable, colored solutions plus one blank cell for measuring the absorbance at 430 nm, 530 nm, 560 nm, 580 nm, 610 nm, and 660 nm.

Spectroquant® Picco and Multy colorimeters are handy, simple-to-operate, robust instruments for reliable water analysis. The Picco fits into any pocket and is ideal for quickly measuring selected parameters. The Multy colorimeter lets you measure up to 130 different parameters with the option to download results onto a computer.

Both instruments are waterproof, have a long battery life and a data storage function. The colorimeters are pre-programmed for quick and easy measurements with the Spectroquant® test kits.

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Two new reference kits for Spectroquant® Picco and Multy colorimeters

Manufacturer Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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