Two & Four Channel Coagulation Analysers

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MiniQuant™ -1
A compact, two channel instrument for the rapid quantification of fibrin D-dimer.

  • Complete system with dedicated D-dimer reagent
  • Assay range: 75 to 6000µg/L Fibrin D-dimer
  • Assay time <3 minutes
  • CV <10%
  • Stored standard curves

Coatron® M2
A compact, 2-channel instrument for all measurement of PT, APTT, TT, Fibrinogen and factor assays.

  • Simple to use
  • Full range of reagents available
  • Stored standard curves for factor assays and Fibrinogen (both derived and Clauss)

ThromboScreen® T400C
A 4-channel coagulation system with both clotting and chromogenic test capabilities.

  • Complete range of dedicated reagents including D-dimer
  • Available with or without integral printer
  • Programmable up to a 5 point calibration curve

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Two & Four Channel Coagulation Analysers

Manufacturer Alpha Laboratories Ltd

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