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Twirla™ is a portable mixing incubator that prepares recombinase polymerase amplification reactions for end-point measurement. The Twirla™ is small, light-weight, has multiple power options and is the perfect solution for field-use RPA.
• Incubates up to six RPA reactions at optimal temperature
• Magnetic mixing of RPA reactions (requires steel balls in RPA reaction mix)
• Compact Size
• Battery or mains-powered by micro USB
• Charges NiMH cells
• For use with end point measurement RPA reactions such as TwistAmp® nfo or TwistAmp® Basic.
• Twirla™ is supplied with a travel case, USB cable, USB power supply and 4x NiMH cells

For use with TwistAmp® Basic, nfo and TwistFlow® Salmonella.
For magnetic mixing, bearing balls may be added to reactions at any time before the reaction is initiated with Mg.

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Twirla by TwistDx product image


Manufacturer TwistDx  |  Available Worldwide

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