Twinkle LB 970 Microplate Fluorometer

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Twinkle LB 970 fluorescence microplate reader is based on a dedicated optical system for fluorescence readings from above and below a microplate. The high quality optical design of the fluorometer is well suited for sensitive FRET assays as well.

Any microplate from 6 to 384 well can be measured, as well as Petri dishes and Terasaki plates. The Twinkle can be equipped with temperature control to establish ideal conditions for all cell based applications.

The fluorescence reading can be taken from the bottom or the top. The bottom reading is instrument of choice for measurements of adherent cells, coloured medium and lids to achieve the most efficient detection.

3 modes each with variable speed of the integrated shaker to enhance mixing and optimise sample distribution before measurement in long term kinetics.

The Stacker unit LB 931 will complete the Twinkle LB 970 fluorometer in terms of throughput. The instruments can be used as a stand alone unit, equipped with the 25 or 50 plate stacker or any other robot system.

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Twinkle LB 970 Microplate Fluorometer


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