Turbiquant® Turbidimeter by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Turbiquant® Turbidimeter by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany product image
Turbiquant® Turbidimeter

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Measure turbidities in drinking water, wastewater, industrial process water and in the food industry.

Suitable for both investigations in the laboratory and on-the-spot analyses. The various models of the Turbiquant® turbidimetry instruments have been developed with a focus on routine measurements. A feature they all have in common is their ease of use and high sample throughput.

The advantages of the Turbiquant® system:
Easy to operate and calibrate
GLP functions, data transfer
Reliable and reproducible results
Measurements according to EN ISO 7027 and USEPA 180.1
Broad range of standards for immediate use
Comprehensive range of accessories, also for continuous-flow measurements
On-site measurement

The Turbiquant® 1100 IR and 1100 T instruments are portable, battery-operated turbidimeters. The easy operation, the practical carrying case, and the waterproof casing that adequately protects the electronic components allowing on-the-spot analysis.

Turbiquant® 1500 IR and 1500 T have large and easy-to-read displays and can be operated simply with just a few buttons. The user is guided through the procedure via the display. A continuous-flow cell enables a high sample throughput.

With the Turbiquant® 3000IR or 3000T you can select different measurement methods and result terms. The methods available are those of nephelometry, densitometry and ratio measurement. It is also possible to make continuous-flow measurements with a low-pressure continuous-flow cell using a purging gas.

Accessories for Turbidimeter
Both the Turbiquant® 1500 IR/1500T and the Turbiquant® 3000 IR/3000T can be used with a pour-through assembly. This accessory simplifies measurement by providing a one-time cuvette alignment, simplified rinsing and the avoidance of gas bubbles.

Real continuous flow-through measurement is possible with the Turbiquant® 3000T/3000 IR by using the flow-through assembly together with the periodically measured value output via printer or PC. Dry air or nitrogen can be connected to the instrument via a pressure-reducing valve with adjustable flow. The instruments provide a connection for air rinsing, as, without this, condensation effects can distort the measured value.