Turb 430 IR – Lab Quality Portable Turbidity Meter

Manufacturer Xylem

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Turb 430 IR is a new portable turbidity meter from WTW, designed for use in the measuring range from 0 – 1100 NTU/FNU. Fully compliant to DIN EN 27027/ISO 7027, the instrument is optimized for applications demanding high mobility, e.g. drinking water analysis and process control. Having been developed together with the multi-parameter photometers of the pHotoFlex Series, the Turb 430 IR offers a number of innovations compared to conventional instruments.

  • Robust & Accurate.
  • Innovative new optical design to minimize stray light interference.
  • Precise measurement in the critical range below 1NTU.
  • Calibration interval and protocol
  • Data storage of 1000 values.
  • GLP compliant data export with date, time, and identification number.
  • RS 232 interface
  • LabStation (optional) for exceptional ease of use in lab.

AMCO-Clear Standards (0.02–10–1000 NTU) for the automatic 3-point calibration are included in the delivery package. These standards are traceable to Formazine and are accepted as primary standards according to US EPA.

The Turb 430 IR is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a universal plug, or alternatively, the user can use the LabStation (optional) with the rechargeable battery set. The LabStation effectively makes the Turb 430 IR a small benchtop instrument.

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Turb 430 IR – Lab Quality Portable Turbidity Meter

Manufacturer Xylem

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