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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Biotechnology

"TubeSpin Bioreactor 50 is one of the smallest bioreactors that can grow cells in suspension. The tube has a 50ml volume, which allows a growing volume of between 5-20ml without any problems. Also, due to the small footprint you can test tens of different possibilities in one shaker."

Review date: 14 Jan 2013 | TubeSpin Bioreactor
TPP TubeSpin® Bioreactors have proven their advantages in large scale screening and optimization processes of suspension cells. The optimization of the parameters, important for the production up-scaling, can be evaluated with small amounts maximizing the number of parallel experiments at the same time.

Features of the TubeSpin® Bioreactor 50
• Working volume 1-35ml
• Conical form
• 5 openings (A,B,C,D,E) of different size above the gas permeable, sterile PTFE filter of the screw cap
• Openings can be sealed and by this, exchange adjusted to need
• Sterile gas exchange is guaranteed by the 0.22µm filter membrane
• Even with a high cell density the supply of oxygen through the openings is sufficient
• Tube fits in a standard 50ml centrifuge rotor