Tubesorter XL20 2d with Balance by Micronic BV

Manufacturer Micronic BV

Tubesorter XL20 2d with Balance by Micronic BV product image
Tubesorter XL20 2d with Balance

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Automatic Tube Handler 

Do you require fast and reliable tube handling for picking larges amount of tubes out of a library?

The tube handler brings commercial scale tube handling to the bench top. Features such as individual tube identification, bar coded rack setup, and detailed log files make the tube handler a best-in-class lab automation platform.


  • Solid Automation
  • Encoder based robotics provide fast and reliable operation
  • High Throughput
  • 20 tube rack capacity, sorts 300 to 900 tubes per hour
  • Sample Management
  • Sample tracking, work list based software, and integrated 2D tube scanner

Functional Description

The XL20 Tube Handler automates transferring tubes between multiple 96 tube racks. The XL20's robotics allows unattended processing of 20 tube racks (1,920 tubes) at a time. For projects over 1,920 tubes, the tube racks can be exchanged dynamically. The XL20's advanced tube management system supports sorting virtually an unlimited number of tubes. The XL20 includes Windows based control software that is easy to use and ready for user work lists. The software's intuitive interface makes the XL20 operable by a wide variety of users

Intuitive Software

The XL20's Work List Manager software processes user worklists to sort, scan, and weigh tubes. The software guides rackloading allowing for quick setup of complex tube sorting projects. Work lists of over 20 racks are managed dynamically for efficient processing of large projects. Work list progress and tube scan results are clearly displayed in real time. The XL20's log files allow tracking location, scanned image, tube weight, and 2D code information for each tube processed.

2D Scanner and Analytical Balance

The XL20's options include an integrated 2D scanner to decode tube identification markings and an analytical balance for weighing tubes. The 2D scanner option provides in-process tube identification to confirm movement of 2D marked tubes. The analytical balance option provides for automatic weighing of each tube at 0.0001g readability. These XL20 options operate in an unattended manner and generate output data files.

Robust Reliability

The XL20's robotics platform is engineered for robust continuous operation. Encoder based automation combined with the XL20's 2D tube scanner and bar coded tube rack management features ensure reliable operation.


The XL20 automates handling 0.5 ml to 1.4 ml tubes for:

  • Compound library management
  • Preparation of samples
  • Sorting of specific assays
  • Re-array processing


The XL20 tube handler's processing times vary by task.

  • 900 tubes per hour - sort only mode
  • 500 tubes per hour - sort and 2D scan mode
  • Over 300 tubes per hour - sort, 2D scan and weigh mode

Product Overview

Tubesorter XL20 2d with Balance by Micronic BV product image

Tubesorter XL20 2d with Balance

Manufacturer Micronic BV

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