Tube-ScanX LR - Barcode scanner by Xiril AG

Manufacturer Xiril AG

Tube-ScanX LR - Barcode scanner by Xiril AG product image
Tube-ScanX LR - Barcode scanner
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The Tube-ScanX LR is the new scanner for the automated reading of barcodes on tubes on a Xiril liquid handling robotic workstation. The barcode scanner “LR” is equipped with a laser reader for a fast record of all barcodes on tubes without interruption while reading.

The laser camera with autofocus is mounted fix on the worktable. It doesn’t have to be moved whereas the tube holding racks are drawn with two of the pipetting adapters to present the barcodes to the scanner.
For highest flexibility on the platform the Tube-ScanX LR is available for the placement on the right or left of a robotic workstation or on larger platforms even on a middle position. Xiril’s robot software Lirix controls the movement of the Tube-ScanX LR and stores the collected data.

No sample information is left out with the new Tube-ScanX LR from Xiril.