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Tubby® Containers
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Tubby® Containers - Sturdy tubs with lids and dividers

All versions of Heathrow Scientific's handy Tubby stackable storage containers will help you organize your laboratory. Using the removable dividers you can create as big or as small a compartment as you need. Tubby® Containers are perfect for keeping tubes, tips, pipets, gloves, and other small items organized and out of the way. The lid snaps in place to secure the contents of the Tubby container.

All Heathrow Scientific Tubby containers are proportionally sized to utilize space efficiently when stacked. Tubby Jr. is shallow for smaller items. The original Tubby has the same footprint but is twice as deep. Tubby Sr. is the size of two original Tubby containers, for your largest items.

The original Tubby and Tubby Jr. containers come with 5 tubs, 5 lids and 15 dividers; the Tubby Sr. containers come with 2 tubs, 2 lids and 12 dividers. All components are constructed of high-impact polypropylene.