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TTP Labtech's Sample Management Solutions
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TTP Labtech’s sample management portfolio provides you with a range of innovative products and peripherals designed to store, transport and process your samples.

Our instrumentation is ideally suited to the storage and processing of biological and chemical reagents, including solubilised chemical compounds in DMSO or water, purified DNA, PCR primers, proteins and antibodies. At the heart of these products is TTP Labtech’s unique pneumatic technology, using a cushion of compressed air or nitrogen and a system of flexible tubing to transport microtubes. This makes our instrumentation extremely reliable and robust compared to traditional systems that use robots. TTP Labtech’s modular stores, comPOUND® and arktic®, minimise the use of moving parts that can malfunction in refrigerated conditions and our proven technology ensures that users will have maximum uptime and availability of their systems.

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