TSQ Quantum GC Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum GC is a high-performance GC-MS/MS system offering class-leading features and specifications that match your most demanding quantitative needs.

The TSQ Quantum GC™ is the next evolution in GC triples, offering unique features including Highly Selective Reaction Monitoring (H-SRM). The TSQ Quantum GC is uniquely suited to multi-component target compound analysis through the ability to define up to 3000 unique SRM transitions per run. Plus, Quantitation-Enhanced Data-Dependent MS/MS (QED-MS/MS) offers simultaneous quantitation and structural confirmation.

In addition, the ability to change from EI to CI without venting the system or to convert the TSQ Quantum GC between GC and LC modes provides an extremely flexible system to meet your mass spectrometry needs. 

Benefits of the TSQ Quantum GC Triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS:

• Multi-residue screening – quantitate hundreds of compounds in a single run with 1 ms dwell time 
• Higher selectivity and more confidence with H-SRM 
• Simultaneous quantitation and structural confirmation with QED-MS/MS 
• Eliminate false positives with Zero Cross-Talk Collision Cell 
• 21 CFR Part 11 enabled software for regulatory compliance

The TSQ Quantum GC delivers: 

• Highest selectivity (H-SRM) 
• Highest sensitivity 
• Analyze more than 1000 compounds per run, with two transitions per compound 
• Lowest limits of quantitation 
• Simultaneous quantitation and structural confirmation with QED-MS/MS 
• Greater than 300 SRM transitions per second

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TSQ Quantum GC Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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