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TrueSurface Microscopy
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True Surface Microscopy - Confocal Microscopy Along with Large Area Optical Profiling

WITec´s new True Surface Microscopy option (patent pending) allows confocal Raman imaging guided by surface topography. Confocal microscopy is often desirable due to its suppression of out-of-focus light but can be challenging when analyzing large or rough surfaces. In these cases, only those points that are in focus contribute to the image. True Surface Microscopy follows the surface topography with high precision, so that even rough or inclined samples always stay in focus. To achieve this unique capability, the WITec alpha500 series can be equipped with a highly precise sensor for optical profilometry. The topographic coordinates from the profilometer measurement are used to perfectly follow the sample surface in confocal Raman imaging mode. The result is an image revealing chemical properties at the surface of the sample, even if this surface is rough or inclined.

True Surface Microscopy Features:

  • Extension for the WITec alpha500 series that combines Large-area surface topography profiling with confocal Raman imaging:
  • Topographic confocal Raman imaging
  • Topographic large-area Surface imaging
  • Topographic spectroscopic imaging
  • Unique combination (patent pending) delivers innovative application possibilities for new research techniques
  • Ease-of-use through full integration with the alphaControl hardware and WITec Project software environment
  • Scan speed up to 2000 pixels/s for rapid data acquisition
  • Spatial resolution of 10 - 25 μm laterally and < 100 nm vertically to reveal an expanse of miniscule surface structures
  • Light source: High intensity LED for highest throughput, accuracy and longevity
  • Measuring distance: 10 mm – 16 mm providing wide-ranging sample size flexibility
  • Multi-sensors easily configurable to meet virtually any application