Tris Peristaltic Pump by Teledyne Isco

Manufacturer Teledyne Isco

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Tris Peristaltic Pump
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Tris Peristaltic Pump - Three-channel workhorse.

Tris is a precision pump ideal for packing and eluting columns as well as dozens of other jobs around the lab. With three channels, you can form linear gradients, run three columns at once, or combine flows for controlled flow rates to 1500 ml/hour. Six rollers per channel provide smooth, low pulsation flow.

Tris' two ranges, fine dial divisions and precision speed control provide reproducible flow rate setting. Slide switches select direction control and 1X or 10X speed ranges; any percentage of the range can be set with a 0-100 dial.

Tris Peristaltic Pump Features:

  • Self-adjusting cassettes make set-up fast, keep channel-to-channel flow uniform, and let you check or replace individual tubing even when running.
  • MAX switch for fast prime or purge up to 700 ml/hour per channel (2,100 ml/hr combined).
  • Tachometer feedback assures that drive motor speed is unaffected by varying load, line voltage, or temperature.
  • Rollers have geared counter-rotation to reduce pulsation, tubing creep, and tubing wear.
  • Long-lasting Silastic tubing is more chemically resistant than vinyl.