TRINC Bar Ionizer by Sanyo Corporation of America

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TRINC Bar Ionizer

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Bar TRINC is a strong single bar ionizer which is able to emit both positive and negative ions simultaneously.

While other ionizers need to switch between both polarities, Bar TRINC works effectively on its own. Neither air blow nor moisturization is needed. Also, the device itself does not create any air blow. It is designed to discharge compact areas intensively, quietly and with lowest power consumption. Besides eliminating static, it also provides a countermeasure against dust; thus it works against contamination.
Bar TRINC is typically mounted to a machine or process line to eliminate static from a compact and limited area. It is recommended for working lab, clean room and non-clean room applications, including fast moving items / processes.

Available in lengths between 10" and 80", the bar discharges static as far as 2'.

It comes with either Auto Cleaning (remote) or a one-touch Manual Cleaning Function.
Developed and made in Japan by TRIN Corporation.