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Triathler is a revolutionary new tool for scientists involved in biotechnology, medicine, life science, life science research and environmental monitoring. It is a small, manual single-well instrument that performs liquid scintillation counting, gamma counting and luminescence counting.

For those who require instant results in their assays. Due to Triathler's extremely small size and light weight the counting is easy to perform in the field, wherever you collect your samples.

Unmatched flexibility
Triathler's interchangeable adapters accept most types and sizes of vials. It requires just two detector blocks. In addition Triathler connects to external detectors.

True ease of operation
Place the vial in the adapter. Close the counting head cap, turn it to the measurement position, and press a selection key to start. Read the results on the display. Attach the Triathler to your PC and you can transfer the data using just a few keystrokes.

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